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"Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.”-Bodhidharma

"When I chop wood, I chop wood. When I carry water, I carry water."-Layman Pang

"You make, You get."-Zen Master Byok Am Sunim

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In the ensuing years, Morgan-Russell's teacher, a Frenchman living in Japan, felt he had reached a level in his practice of Zen that he wanted to recognize by ordaining him a priest.
"Priest is a bit of a loaded term in the West," he said, noting that the Japanese term, "unsui," literally means "clouds and water."
"The classic line is that the cloud passing across the sky leaves no trace on the sky; the water flowing in a stream has no form other than the vessel" that it's put into. "So I think that taking on the role of unsui, it's a recognition that you're giving up that attachment. We suffer because we're attached to things.

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