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"Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.”-Bodhidharma

"When I chop wood, I chop wood. When I carry water, I carry water."-Layman Pang

"You make, You get."-Zen Master Byok Am Sunim

Monday, November 9, 2015

Shenkuang [Huike] went over to the Shaolin temple and day and night beseeched Bodhidharma for instruction. The Master always sat in zazen facing the wall and paid no attention to his entreaties. One evening in December, there was a snowstorm but Shenkuang stood unmoving before Bodhidharma right through the night. In the morning the snow reached above his knees. Bodhidharma took pity on him and said, “You have been standing in the snow for a long time. What is it you’re seeking?”
Shenkuang said in bitter tears, “I beseech you, Master, open the gate of the Dharma and save all of us beings.”
Bodhidharma said, “The incomparable truth of the Buddhas can only be attained by constant striving—practicing what cannot be practiced, bearing the unbearable. How can you, with your small virtue and wisdom, and your easy-going and conceited mind, dare to aspire to the true teaching? It is only so much labour lost.”
With this, Shenkuang secretly drew his knife and cut off his arm, placing it before Bodhidharma. At this, Bodhidharma relented and accepted him as a disciple, giving him the Dharma name Huike (Light of Wisdom).
Huike said, "Your disciple's mind has no peace yet. I beg you, Master, please put it to rest."
Bodhidharma said, "Bring me your mind, and I will put it to rest."
Huike said, "I have searched for my mind, but I cannot find it." Bodhidharma said, "I have completely put it to rest for you."

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